About Meditation

What is Meditation?

Meditation comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. It is a way to connect to the Divine, to Spirit. It is a way to release chatter and clutter in the mind and to create balance and wellness in one’s being. Many people find guided meditations a great way to simply sit back, relax and let-go, and feel calm and collected.

The Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation provides many benefits, including, but certainly not limited to:
~ Clearer mind
~ Less stress
~ Greater focus
~ More positive attitude
~ Peaceful and centered feeling
~ Stronger connection to higher guidance

Some Frequently Asked Questions
Nothing is happening, am I doing something wrong?

Part of the goal of meditation is to get your mind to completely relax, to rest, to become present in that one pearl of a moment. Sometimes when you meditate, nothing happens, but it’s like a building a muscle. If you are lifting weights, you don’t always see the growth of that muscle that day, you see the development over time. So, too, is the case with meditation: you reap the effects of it on your life experience and will notice more balance, calmness, clarity, etc….

How long and how often should I meditate?

A great goal is to work towards 10 or 20 minutes per day or a few times per week. However, even a moment or two a day or simply anytime you feel you need to add a little balance or de-stress is absolutely beneficial.

When is the best time to meditate?

Anytime is the best time to meditate! Whenever you can find a few moments in your day is just perfect. When you need a break; when you are experiencing some kind of stress; when you simply want some time for yourself; when you need a creative inspiration; or when you want to unwind. Some people benefit by creating a ritual, for example first thing when they wake up to begin the day with a greater sense of balance, or at night right before bed to melt away the energy of the day and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Is meditation a religious thing?

No, not at all. While many different religions happen to include their own respective methods of meditating, meditation itself is not attached to any religion. Meditation is simply a state of being. Someone who is intensely exercising can find themselves in a meditative state of being.

Notice: Please do not use meditations while driving or operating heavy machinery. Although meditation can be a healing source, it is not a substitution for medical care, please seek physical or mental health help if needed. Meditation is a great compliment to any traditional medical practices.